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Denver Gala

April 23, 2016

Event Info

Join us to celebrate 10 years of The Humane League's efforts to reduce animal suffering! Hear from our inspiring speaker, enjoy delicious drinks, vegan appetizers and desserts, bid on amazing prizes in our silent auction, and learn all about what your support of The Humane League means for animals!

When:Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 7-10pm

Where: Beacon's Community Space - 2630 East 3rd Ave Denver , CO 80206

Advance Sale Tickets: $50 general public, $25 for students ($60 and $35 at the door)

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VIP Info

Want to meet our speakers and senior staff before the gala and enjoy a special meal at a local restaurant? Join us for the VIP experience!

When: 5:30pm

Where: Watercourse Foods - 837 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

VIP Tickets: Advanced Purchase Only (No tickets available at the door)

  • $150 Silver Level – Includes dinner and drinks with our guest speaker and The Humane League senior staff plus entry to the party

  • $250 Gold Level – Includes dinner and drinks with our guest speaker and The Humane League senior staff plus entry to the party, plus an 8"x10" print of one of the following photographs of rescued farm animals:

Guest Speaker

Taylor Radig

Taylor Radig worked as an undercover investigator for one of the nation’s leading animal protection organizations, Compassion Over Killing. Taylor went into animal agribusiness facilities in order to expose the horrific cruelties farm animals endure before winding up on our dinner plates.

In the summer of 2013, she wore a hidden camera to document egregious animal abuse to newborn dairy calves behind the closed doors of a Colorado calf-raising facility, which garnered a national discussion after the industry related against her by charging her with a crime.

Her story garnered national and international news and prompted nearly 200,000 people to sign a petition urging authorities to drop the bogus charge. Her case was monumental in showing the world exactly the length the animal agribusiness goes to keep the doors closed and the cameras off.

David Carter

Being a football player only furthered my “need” for meat and animal products. Very early on I was taught that if I wanted to be big and strong there was only one way to go about it. You guessed it—eat meat and the more the better. Every coach, trainer, nutritionist, and doctor all pointed me in the direction of animal products. From protein shakes to weight gainers there was no other alternative, so I did as I was told and followed the standard athlete’s diet regimen. Whey protein, raw eggs, gallons of milk, and casein were in just about every supplement I took. So when my wife decided to go vegan five years ago, while I admired her discipline and desire for a healthier lifestyle I knew I couldn’t possibly join her. In my mind there was no way I could compete at the highest level without meat in my diet. It was hard to for me to conceive that I could go against three hundred plus pound offensive linemen and come out on top on plants alone. But after being released from the Arizona Cardinals my world was beginning to shift. I didn’t know it yet but life was leading me through a series of events that would change me forever. The night before I went vegan just before falling asleep, my entire right arm went completely numb. I woke up the next the next morning out of options. I had been released from the Cowboys and was preparing myself for OTA’s with the Oakland Raiders who signed me right at the close of 2013. My training thus far had been productive, but I knew I had a fifth gear. With nothing else to lose I told my wife I was going vegan, and on February 14th 2014 I gave my wife the best Valentine’s Day gift ever (her words, not mine). The solemn promise that I would never again consume another animal product. Immediately we dove into further research. With a few documentaries under my belt (Forks Over Knives, Frankensteer, Food Inc., and several others) I was confident I had made the right choice. The more I learned, the more my body benefited and my results came quickly. More energy, shorter recovery time, increased stamina, improved strength, and the peace of mind that no one had to die in order for me to live. Every one of my nagging injuries is gone. Tendonitis, inflammation, scar tissue, nerve damage, and chronic muscle fatigue all corrected themselves within months of adopting veganism.

Converting to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle was the best decision I could have ever made for my body, mind, and spirit. The average life span of a professional football player is only fifty-six (due to extreme consumption of animal products which leads to heart disease, stroke, cancers, and other chronic illnesses), by making this one small change not only have I saved my own life but the countless lives of voiceless and defenseless animals everywhere. Not to mention veganism is great for our planet as well. Becoming vegan has given me a greater purpose, something bigger than myself to fight for, and fight I will.

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